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Cambridge BioMarketing "Tightrope"


M Doucette Production was hired by orphan and specialty ad agency Cambridge BioMarketing to produce Horizon Pharmaceuticals print campaign raising awareness for Urea Cycle Disorders (UDC). The concept was to shoot four models walking a tightrope up in the sky…easy enough, right?

Boston photo producer Michele Doucette pulled the job together with precision—from finding the perfect photographer and studio location, to casting models, sourcing hair/makeup and wardrobe stylists as well as coordinating post-production retouching. Take a look behind the scenes to see how we pulled it all together.



Photo/Production Crew
Photographer + Retouching: Heather Mcgrath
Executive Producer: Michele Doucette
Producer + Casting: Matthew Eriksen
1st Assistant: Jeff Stiles
2nd Assistant: Robyn Maguire
Digital Tech: Jason Zucco
Wardrobe Stylist: Rina Patsiokostas
Hair + Makeup: Kathleen Schiffmann / Anchor Artists

Model Club: Erik + Chrystian
Cameo: Cambria
NEMG: John Varkados

Cambridge BioMarketing
Art Director: Lauren Hillyard