M Doucette Production


Jessica Weiser Unveils New Lifestyle Portfolio

M Doucette Production's Jessica Weiser launched her new website today! Her portfolio boasts an array of lifestyle and commercial advertising images focused on expression, emotion and movement: "I wanted it to feel fresh, bold, fun and most importantly, authentic."


As a lifestyle photographer Jessica's work is story driven, with mood in mind. Whether it's a couple chasing the sun, friends getting wet n' wild, a fun fashion feature, or a series of intimate portraits, she's never been a fan for the staged or contrived—her goal is always to capture original moments with subjects in natural environments.

One of her greatest strengths as a photographer is her ability to connect with people and make them feel immediately comfortable—even if it means getting in on the action herself: "You'll typically find me laying on the ground, climbing on things, in the water or knee deep in mud. Whatever it takes to get the shot."

Featured on the new site is a personal project she's been at for the past three years. Titled, The Freckle Project, this ongoing series focuses on black and white photography that highlights all walks of life—from the young and old to the quirky and downright edgy. Jessica has always loved shooting people with freckles and wanted to capture simple portraits that showcase their natural beauty.