M Doucette Production


We handle scouting and on-set management of private properties and public spaces for still photography and motion projects. We offer numerous locations throughout Boston and New England with a wide network of contacts across the United States and beyond. The following is but a sample of what we have to offer. There is no charge to view our library. For full access to our database, please give us a call so we can find exactly what you're looking for. To list your home, please scroll down + fill out the form!

Best of Boston

Whether the 'British are coming' down cobblestoned streets or you need scenic skylines by the bay, we'll find it.

The Kitchen Sink

Farmhouse islands. Granite counters. Industrialized steel. Whatever you're craving, we'll find the ideal kitchen, cooktop or galley.

Textures + Lines

Add a bit of drama to your scene 

By the Sea

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Estates + Mansions + Castles... oh my!

Classic or contemporary. Rustic or royal. We have just the homes to 


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Bon Appétit

Looking for lifestyle imagery showcasing 

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